Friday, January 19, 2007

pink - stupid girl

Here is my Youtube experience!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

YEY YIPPEEE!!!!!!! I did it!!!!!!!!!! Well I must say it was not as daunting as I thought!!! I learnt a lot a long the way, even if I did have to do it all at home!! It is now 12.30 am and I am hot and bothered!!! I think this was a great exercise and now I know a lot more of what Denise is talking about!! I was saying to her I just don't get it! I was reading way to much into it and once I got started it became a lot easier towards the end. I loved the pod casting and also flickr. I think it was well worth the effort and hey to all you who did not finish GIVE IT A GO!!!!
Rumpelstiltskin by Gebrüder Grimm - Project Gutenberg

Went on to the website - World Ebook Fair. This was great. Here is an example of a audio ebook!!
Used Yahoo pod casts and went to the fox and sent Hamish and Andy to my blog. I think Yahoo pod casts was really easy to use and will be using it a lot more!!!
Went on to Youtube - I did a search on Pink (the singer)
found a lot of her video clips. There were also a lot of crap on this site as well! All the stupid pod casts people have put on!!! I will definately us it in the future. It did have alot of good video clips and songs.
Went and had a look at the 2.0 awards list. It was interesting to see all the different things people blog about and how they set them up. I went into on Wayfaring, it was about creating maps and sharing your maps with your friends! A bit weird don't you think!!! I also went into This is where companies or individuals can brainstorm ideas and post them on the blog.
I just added corpservchick to the Wikki! I also put in my favorite book. It was so easy!
Wiki - This would be great for getting our user to chat about what good books they have read and pass on their comments about our Library events and things like that. You could use it for many things!
Library 2.0 is definately the libraries future direction. There are a lot of passionate Library people out there and I think it is great we are keeping up with the times.
Wow so many blogs on Technorati. Had a bit of a play. Had a look at some videos and music and the top 100 blogs!
Went into Yeah this was good. although I would probably not use it very much. It would probably good to use as a ready reference tool so you can keep track of what you have used to get certain info.
Had a play with Rollyo. Set up an account and did my own rollyo. Very easy to do but could not link it to my blog? I don't think I would use Rollyo much.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I just had a look at rollyo. I sent up my account and also rolled my own search engine on Travel with caravans. This would be great for the library as it will bring up different and useful wesites on different topics.
I have just gone into Library Thing. How fantastic. You can list all the books you have and have your own catalog, or for the borrowers they can list down what books they have read. How fantastic. Also you can review your own books. I have put a few of my books on.
I have just learnt about rss feeds and have set up my own blogglines account. In that account I have got 2 feeds one to the abc to get their tv guide and the other to the Library - The shifted librarian. It is great to be able to keep what you are interested in at the one site. And it will keep you upto date in your interests.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Online image generator.

I went into fdtoys and decided to do a mag cover.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Well I have played around with Flickr wow that is a lot of fun!!!

I have just finished my first day of Branch Manager Lalor. How great it was to feel out of my comfort zone. You go along with your same job not really challenged as you know what you are to do and when you go to a new place - wow it is a shock, I really felt challenged!! I love that feeling!

I am proud of all the new technology's I had to take in today!


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Hi, well I thought I would share this great photo of Dean and I. My kids took it for show and tell, they were so excited. I think I was more excited about going on a girls weekend to Newcastle more!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I would just like to tell you that the habit that I will find the hardest is Habit 3 view problems as challenges. When I am faced with a problem, I can general find a way of fixing it. But when I am stuck, I tend to put it off and try and deal with it later.
Hi everyone and welcome to my new blogg called Corpservchick. I would just like to tell you that out of th 71/2 life long learning challenges, I think the easiest for me is Habit 2 which is accepting responsibility for your own learning. I am studying accounting at the moment and am always wanting to learn new things.